Baseline Collection

A baseline is the expected values or conditions against which all performances are compared, a fixed reference point. Raising the bar for quality, this is essential dancewear for any fashion-conscious artist. A sophisticated, versatile collection, carrying classic and modern styles, paying particular attention to texture and details. Every garment from this set has been carefully crafted with precision, ensuring superior quality and longevity from your investment. Unique Italian ribbed lycra adds dimension to each piece. Mature shades of red crimson and blue steel feature throughout. This range introduces skirts; custom designed, printed and cut to perfection. We encourage you to style each look as a set. Select your new favourite and step into the studio feeling prepared, confident and powerful.

Dismiss expectations, thrive in your confidence

Excellence is yours for the taking



Design And Direction: Peggy Jackson & Jacob Sofer

Photography: Ren Pidgeon

Hair and Make up: Karen Burton

Dancers: Corey Herbert, Lucien (Yipeng) Xu, Rina Nemoto and Joseph Romancewicz.