ANOTHER ENERGY, Singapore Ballet

Keto makes another appearance on stage! Recently we were approached by Choreographer Tim Harbour to provide costumes for a new contemporary ballet he was creating for Singapore Dance Theatre. Judging by the photos – it looks divine!


The piece, called Another Energy, was created as part of the company’s 30th Anniversary Gala that premiered on 27th of July 2018. His overall creative vision for the work aligned perfectly with garments from our newest Intersect Collection. Clean modern lines. The male dancers are dressed in the Purple Intersect Unitard and the female dancers in the Green Intersect Leotard with Black for the two leading women. The women had complimenting lightweight short skirts. The costumes, combined with a black stage and a white bar light create a delightful harmony and a lot of drama.

Another Energy will go on to be part of the company’s contemporary season called Passages. Passages will present three contemporary works that were created especially for SDT to commemorate three decades of artistic development and constant growth.

With every milestone in life, these three works represents an onward movement, a reaching towards a goal, a journey through phases of change and progression.*

Artist of Singapore Dance Theatre performing Harbour’s Another Energy.

Passages will also feature works from Ma Cong (Shadow’s Edge) and Timothy Rushton. Performance dates are from 26th -28th October 2018 at the Esplanade Theatre Studio so if you are lucky enough to live in Singapore – grab yourself a ticket!

For tickets head to the Singapore Dance Theatre website.

*extract from SDT website