POSSUM MAGIC, The Australian Ballet School

The Australian Ballet School recently transformed the enchanting world of “Possum Magic” into a captivating ballet, marking the 40th anniversary of the beloved children’s book by Mem Fox and Julie Vivas.

Guided by designer Emma Kingsbury’s intricate illustrations, we meticulously crafted and brought to life many of the detailed costumes, featuring everything from the sleek platypus to the spiky echidna. This process not only showcased Emma’s artistic vision but also highlighted the collaborative creativity of our team and others involved. Complemented by animations from Glynn Urquhart, the set design completed the enchanting visual experience, creating a seamless blend of artistry on stage.


At the core of the production is Hush, a lovable possum made invisible by Grandma Poss to ensure her safety. The ballet ingeniously utilizes costume changes to depict Hush’s gradual return to colour, infusing a magical element into the performance.

The characters embody a variety of iconic Australian animals, each design capturing the essence of its character and contributing to a delightful showcase of Aussie fauna. From the energetic Koala to the comedic wombat, each dancer breathes life into these beloved creatures.


Claire Cowan’s musical composition, added charm and diversity to the production, creating an auditory experience that complemented the visual spectacle.


“Possum Magic: The Ballet” stands as a delightful celebration of Australian culture, skilfully bringing to life a cherished children’s story through the artistry of the Australian Ballet School’s senior students. With its captivating choreography, enchanting costumes, and lively musical score, this production was a must-see for audiences of all ages!

Possum Magic, 2023 The Australian Ballet School

Production Credits

Costume Design: Emma Kingsbury

Choreography: Laughlan Prior
Music: Claire Cowan

Photo Credits: Sergey Konstantinov