ROB DALY, Sidra Dance Co.

Recently photographer Rob Daly got together with some of the company members from Sidra Bell Dance Company to create some images for Keto. Rob’s signature style is clean, contemporary and enigmatic a perfect pairing for our garments. A modern, industrial setting takes Keto out of the dance studio, putting the dancers and our garments in the spotlight.


The SBDNY is made up of six performers who all featured in this collaboration including; Sebastian Abarbanell, Marisa Christogeorge, Drew Lewis, Misa Kinno Lucyshyn, Sophia Halimah Parker & Alonzo Blanco.

Sidra Bell Dance New York is an internationally recognized boutique brand of prolific movement illustrators based in New York City that presents and fosters a canon of innovative and progressive dance theater in a world of ideas and (im)possibilities.

SBDNYINC was founded in 2001 in New York City as a multi-platform organization emphasizing  education, performance, collaboration, technology and mentorship.

The dancers are featured wearing products from our Intersect collection.To see more of Rob’s work, head over to his website here. To learn more about Sidra Bell Dance New York head to their website here.