MERCHANDISE, The Australian Ballet

Keto did it’s first collaboration with one of Australia’s most prestigious and leading arts companies, The Australian Ballet. In July 2015 before officially launching it’s own range, the exclusive range was designed for the company incorporating the stunning floral graphics that guided their 2015 ‘Year of Beauty’ campaign. A set of women’s styles including two leotards and two leggings were produced. The men were not forgotten and a pair of tights and shorts with blue print completed the range. The garments are designed for professional and aspiring ballet dancers and can be worn for ballet class, yoga, pilates and all kinds of indoor exercise. The whole collection is sold as merchandise exclusivley through their store.

The range can be viewed and purchased from their website;



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Adam Bull of the Australian Ballet
Lana Jones of the Australian Ballet
Adam Bull of the Australian Ballet

Dancers of The Australian Ballet Photographed by Ren Pidgeon